About Me

Greetings! To begin, I'm Shelly Land, owner of  Pleasure Land Novelties.  I'm a member of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network.  I've been self-employed (different endeavors) for two decades.  My goal is to empower others with an entrepreneurial spirit.  To add, I have a blog for that purpose, Land Enterprises, LLC.  One of my favorite pastimes is writing, yet I adore fashion/creating. I'm passionate about a business from my past... designing accessories.  Therefore, handcrafted sex positive pieces will be available soon.

What's more, I feel that adult sex education is very important. So, starting my sex ed journey has been INVIGORATING. I was honored to have my blog acknowledged not only by Kinkly and blogging peers, my children presented me with a thoughtful plaque. Another accomplishment was completing The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health/El Dorado's... Elevate U course.  I look forward to more certifications, as well as sharing credible knowledge.  Moreover, I'm super excited to select and offer fun, body-safe products here.  Essentially, Pleasure Land Novelties is a subsidiary of my other blog... Pleasure Connoisseurs.  In 2018, I was honored to be to selected as one of Kinkly's Top 100 bloggers.  I provided information there for aspiring individuals wanting to blog.  Subscribe please and thanks.

Currently, I have access to a vast array of adult items, so contact me if something you're shopping for isn't listed.  Also, please feel free to ask questions via my contact form.  Thanks for visiting.